Force majeure caused by covid-19 only applies in the following cases if the situation was not known at the time of booking and/or confirmation of the booking by the renter:

- The closure of the holiday home by the authorities

- The closing of national or local borders that legally prevent access to the rented holiday home

- A firm and formal ban on travelling to the place of your stay. A "strongly discouraged" trip is not force majeure!

- Any mandatory (and not strongly recommended) step that de facto prevents the stay: a quarantine for a stay exceeding the tolerance period (if your stay lasts 2 nights and the tolerance period is 48 hours, your stay is not covered by force majeure) or a mandatory covid19 test on arrival or return.

- A legally imposed limitation on the number of people allowed in a holiday home which makes it impossible to keep the reservation.


From 12 October 2020, and currently until 9 November, the restrictions imposed by the Belgian government on access to holiday homes are summarised in the official FAQs as follows:


Tourism and tourist activities are allowed throughout Belgian territory. All types of accommodation (hotels, Airbnb, cottages, campsites, etc.) may be opened subject to compliance with the applicable protocols. With regards to the number of guests per residential unit, the same rules apply as for private gatherings at home. This means that each household is allowed to rent a residential unit with a maximum of 4 other people (excluding children under 12 years of age). Everyone must respect the advice in terms of “closer contacts”. Any restaurants or bars of these facilities may be opened if the measures provided for the catering (horeca) industry (see the section on the catering (horeca) industry, in the chapter on Economy) are respected. Night clubs and dance halls must remain closed for the time being.


Ardennes-étape will analyse on a case-by-case basis the measures taken by the governments of other countries if this has consequences. 


All other measures such as security gestures, recommendations concerning the limitation of physical contact or the obligation to wear a mask shall not be considered as cases of force majeure.


In case of force majeure, the renter will receive a voucher for the value of his stay valid for three years from the date of issue.

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